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Sadly for us dog owners, our pets sometimes cause us moments of distress and concern either by presenting a health worry or causing one in us. This is particularly true of allergies and dogs.

There are so many people who have experienced the discomfort of being allergic to dogs or having to witness allergic reactions in their own dog.

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Here at Dog Allergies our aim is to provide a free, independent guide to all matters concerning dog allergies, allergies to dogs and allergic reactions in our much loved canine companions.

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You will find on this website, tips and advice on a range of dog allergy issues including:

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At our dog allergies blog we will also cover issues related to so-called hypoallergenic dogs.

A Question About Dog Allergies

My puppy has lots of tiny red spots on his tummy and seems forever scratching; the vet says he thinks it is an allergy to something. What does he mean?

An allergy means a sensitivity to something or other; usually a food of some kind. Heat bumps in children are an example. Perhaps your puppy has an allergy to eggs, or fish, or even milk with the cream on it. Perhaps you have bathed it in some kind of medicated shampoo to which its skin is sensitive.

Only by a process of elimination will you be able to find out what is causing this irritation. In the meantime, just to make sure the vet is right in his diagnosis, It is strongly advisable that you bathe the dog in a good anti-pesticide soap that the druggist can recommend for mange; when you have washed the puppy, dry it with the soap left in. This will make sure the spots you mention are not follicular mange, which has the same symptoms and which the soap will cure.

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