My Dog Has a Skin Complaint

Does anybody have any experience of this, or know what it might be??

She has some sort of Itchy skin problem, and for the last few months has been on an anti allergy food (nature’s menu and a hypo-allergenic biscuits) with a daily piriton…. It does seem to have settled a bit, but recently she has started to scratch more, and today I found a patch of very red, hot skin with small pus filled “blisters/spots”

I have never seen this kind of skin behaviour on any animal ever…. this is situated on the skin high up on the inside of her back legs…

If anyone knows what this could be, or knows of anything that could help, please let me know… She also sleeps a lot, I dont know if this is because she’s turned two, and is maturing/mellowing out….. but when on a long day out, she does tend to want back to the car as if to say, “let’s go home im pooped”


If you have any advice on this particular skin complaint in dogs, please comment below:

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