Skin Conditions in Dogs Breakthrough?

Animal Dermatology Clinic announces today a new state of the art intradermal skin test available immediately at all of their Southern California hospitals. This newly updated intradermal skin test will test for 82 allergens specific to the climate and environment of the Southern California area.

“When we evaluated our existing intradermal skin test, we wanted to ensure that we were testing for the broadest and most relevant allergens for Southern California. Working closely with our allergen provider, we reviewed all of the pollens available, and determined what new or additional allergens we should specifically test for in this area while also considering the cross-reactions of these pollens to develop the most efficient test for our clients’ pets. Southern California is a unique region with pollens typical of a desert climate as well as a coastal climate. Our new test takes both of those climates into account. We also considered the wild life in this region and have added allergens to our test from animals such as rat, rabbit, mouse, and horse to name a few,” says Dr. Brett Wildermuth DACVD, Animal Dermatology Clinic Inc., San Diego.

Intradermal allergy testing (“skin testing”) is one of two types of allergy tests offered by Animal Dermatology Clinic for assessment and more specifically the selection of allergens used as a treatment for environmental allergies. This test can be performed in dogs, cats and horses. Our doctors work with the referring veterinarian and the pet owner to determine which test is optimal for each individual pet. From these tests, veterinary dermatologists are able to create an individualized set of allergens to be administered to your pet based on the results of his or her test. This process, known commonly as hyposensitization or more appropriately allergen specific immunotherapy, and is a therapy commonly used in both animals and humans to aid in the management of allergic disease.

Founded in 1980 by Dr. Craig Griffin, Animal Dermatology Clinic has the distinction of being the first privately owned clinic approved by the American College of Veterinary Dermatology to provide a residency program, and is the largest group of veterinary dermatologists across the globe. Since 1980, Animal Dermatology Clinic has expanded to include seven full time clinics in California, Georgia, Kentucky and Indianapolis, fourteen satellite locations throughout California, Georgia, Kentucky and Indianapolis, and more expansion is planned. For more information, please visit the website at

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