Why Should I Rehome a Dog?

Deciding to welcome a dog into your family is a big decision, and one that needs thinking carefully about. Being a dog owner can be a wonderful experience for both the dog and you, with love, long walks and companionship becoming a part of daily life.

If you have decided that a dog is the pet for you, however, why not consider rehoming with the RSPCA? There are many reasons why rehoming a dog is an amazing thing to do, so read on and consider giving an abandoned dog a home:

Help a Dog in Real Need

The RSPCA takes in over 300 dogs every month, for various reasons. Some have been abandoned, others abused and neglected, other may have had an owner die, become ill or who simply is unable to care for them anymore for whatever reason. What all of these dogs have in common however is that they all need and deserve a loving new home.

Someone like you could provide that new home, giving a rescue dog a fresh lease of life with a caring and loving family.

The Perfect Dog for You

The RSPCA animal centres house needy dogs of all ages, from puppies to older dogs. Some of them can be trained and some are a little more set in their ways. The trained animal assistants spend time getting to know each dog, in order to match it with its ideal owner. For example, some dogs are fantastic around children and others prefer a quieter life. Some are full of energy and need lots of walking, whereas others are happiest at home. This indepth knowledge of each dog means that, when you rehome a RSPCA dog, you’re not taking on a completely unknown personality. Instead you can find a dog that’s just right for you, your family and your circumstances.

Ease the Burden on the RSPCA

The RSPCA animal centres are full to bursting. The recession has put further pressure on the RSPCA, with difficult family finances making it harder to afford the food, care and attention that all pets need. The hope for every abandoned dog is that it will find a new home with an owner who has the time, money and will to give it a happy life. This then frees up the space in the animal centre for another dog in need.

Help Contribute to the Care of Other Dogs

The RSPCA asks for a donation from new owners when rehoming a job. This enables them to ensure that new owners are serious about owning a dog, and also means that the money raised can go towards the food, bedding, medicine and care the RSPCA needs to continue helping, rescuing and rehoming abandoned dogs.

The decision to get a dog is a big one to make, but, once you’re sure, the decision to rehome an RSCPA dog is an easy one. Can you give a dog a home?


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